When you’re not sure whether you’ll see 2 or 200 young people when you get there, (yes, we’ve had both extremes!), we’ve had to get creative….

Throughout the holidays we have been so grateful for the invitation to engage twice a week with anywhere from 2-200 individuals on any given day over at Elizabeth or Munno Para Skate Park. Within a couple of weeks what began with suspicion and animosity shifted to, “Hey Miss, can you call out a trick.” As we filled their tummies with food and minds with praise- celebrating their scooter wins- they then grew in their desire to participate in the activities and challenges we set out for them- trust has been built and we are beginning to see change. Sadly, we weren’t there the night an act of youth violence at MP skate park resulted in a young person in hospital with stab wounds, however our presence has stopped other acts of violence and really, it’s the gradual trust being built which will allow us to speak and see lasting hope and change in the lives of these young people. Trust is being built over our willingness to look foolish on a scooter, distribute food we collect each week from Pathways, apply the Streetlight scooter stickers Mrs. Ferdinands cleverly makes, and come up with fun ways for the young people to win SupaScootz merchandise.