Rowe Family News – October 2020

We installed another door to allow Ben to work from home but that still didnt stop the loud musical sounds coming from excited eager kids getting to the instrument box for morning worship time in the lounge. So he got head phones. But then he couldn’t hear the knocks on the door when 4 year old Zahra bought him morning tea. So we started to slip hand written letters under the door. Oh the joys of working at home! I’m sure many other mums and dads can relate to the challenging new adjustments it entailed – yet lets not forget the beautiful moments of family connectivity. We (like many) felt our heart rocked early this year…

as to how we navigate raising princesses & princes. What does parenting His children look like in today’s society? As our family now navigate the new season of homeschooling we marvel at how God has provided over and above all that we need. Anni enjoys time inside & outside the home, now mixing with a close Homeschool family network of about 10 other families, navigating curriculum’s together & exploring cost free gems like the botanic gardens, museums, road safety bike centres and beautiful parks/playgrounds. We’ve learnt to take parenting seriously as we nurture, train & teach our children His ways and seen the beauty in the moments that can be so easily missed. Where possible, we join Ben as he visits other churches, pray for daddy and desire to ‘be a Streetlight girl’ when we get older.
We spent 2 weeks in early Oct on annual leave which means working on these renos! We were blessed to have a friend join us during that time as Ben started the final bathroom/laundry demolition. We’ve recently celebrated 5 years in this home and are hoping it wont be too much longer till we can lay down those tools (will Ben ever want to lay down tools? Probably not!)
We have an early building apprentice in Obi as he sits on our thick window sills for 20 minute intervals ‘watching daddy work’ which often starts a question of ‘I work?’ (we didn’t have to teach this one work ethic!)
Zahra got 4 chickens for her 4th Birthday who are now all laying. But apart from collecting eggs, most of her spare time is taken up in reading books, dress-ups and playing pretend. 


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