Our Programs


Elizabeth City Centre

6pm-9pm Thursday nights during school term

Streetlight Elizabeth is a free ‘hang out’ for young people between 12-18 years. Every Thursday night during school term our volunteers help create a safe, welcoming space using engaging interactive activities such as henna, hot chocolates, nail painting, temp tattooing, and water pong. We believe through our volunteer’s positive role modelling and mentoring, we can help empower young people to reach their full-potential in life. We are located outside the cinema entrance at Elizabeth City centre. Come and say hi.

NSS Skate Park

6pm-8pm Tuesday & Thursday Nights

Various Days throughout the school holidays

In conjunction with the City of Playford and Hope Street, we will engage with young people (12-18 years old) at the stake park.

Through positive role modelling, inclusive BBQ’s, fun activities and events, our volunteers will be present weeknights and on some weekdays in the school holidays. To keep up to date with which days you can meet us for a skate or chat at the NSS Skate Park, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Build Relationships

We seek to build authentic relationship through consistently being present where young people are in our community in relevant and approachable ways.

Develop Trust

We seek to develop trust by engaging in authentic and positive interactions and conversations, living life with young people, and making ourselves available to the needs presented in the lives of young people.

Discover Potential

We seek to discover potential by being inclusive and accepting of all people and attentive to ways in which we can add value through role-modelling, encouragement and mentoring.

Hang Out With Us

Come meet our team from 6pm every Thursday night

at Elizabeth City Centre , where we set up a safe,

welcoming space for young people to hang out.

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