March 2020


COVID-19 Streetlight Changes

Tonight (Sunday) we heard Prime Minister, Scott Morrison state that; “for many Australians, home is not a safe place and work needs to be done to protect those individuals,” indicating the effect isolation will have on mental health and family violence. Things have hit us, like many; overnight. I’m sure you can only imagine what the increased need will be for at-risk young people we connect with in Elizabeth. Broken families, abuse, mental  health struggles, identity issues…were already present.  We agree with Scott, things are very likely to multiply for the marginalized – which include our Streetlight youth.

  • Increased abuse due to being home-bound. 
  • Increased loneliness due to not being able to see our volunteers week in week out, mentors or even peers.
  • Increased mental & spiritual health issues due to isolation and lack of positive influence.
  • Increased obesity due to less active time and increased screen time.
  • Increased hunger & malnutrition due to cooking ability, money for food or unwise emotional choices.
  • Families dealing with job-loss, financial pressures, increase in home bills….

we’ve just UPPED OUR GAME.


Our program, mentoring, and ability to catch up face-to-face has changed. We’ve had to get creative. We’ve had to get innovative. Our volunteers have had to commit to new measures. We’re still on the firing line. And now more than ever, we’re up for the fight.

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