Bens been journeying with one young man for a good couple of years now. Pre-covid they were catching up every week or so to talk through stuff happening at home, school and life in general. Last year he came along to the youth camp.  
This year, he loved participating in Street Eats. When we asked him what his favourite part of it was, he said, “I cant decide if I preferred the food or the memories more, both were sooo good.” Its been two months since he graduated from Street Eats and he continues to impress us with regular photos and updates on his cooking creations, even though we aren’t requesting them. The last meal he made impressed His mum so much that she rewarded him the following evening by taking him out to KFC… 😅🤔🙃 Whilst he enjoyed his time in the kitchen, the skate park is his favourite place to be, so there were evenings when we dropped his ingredients off there. However, he’s often reporting to us just how unsafe and full of drama the skatepark can be. He’s not impressed by the situation and was thrilled when we announced Streetlight is going to be hanging at the park regularly. We asked him if he’d like to be part of a committee to help create positive change there, he’s jumped at the opportunity! 


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