I really want to thank each and every one of you. Street Eats was a huge success, and its testament to the power of your prayers and the impact of the trust-built relationships that Streetlight has fostered over the years. Street Eats came about through obedience to God’s prompting to help be a part of a solution in the lives of vulnerable young people during COVID-19 restrictions….

It was no small task, and I’m so grateful for all the amazing, talented people who helped to make it happen. Early Covid days, I notified my employees that I needed to drop down to 3 days a week in order to get Street Eats up and running. As I journeyed alongside Ben, Anni and the team in supporting these young people, I was continually confronted with more and more of the struggles and challenges they face on a daily basis. Six months later, I continue to seek the Lord in what it looks like to be part of a solution. For me, in this season, it means stepping out fulltime with Streetlight. And so, despite how crazy it sounds to a lot of people, last month I said goodbye to my job of 13 years and welcomed the faith journey of an Urban Missionary. I have lots to learn and I’m so grateful for the Godly example and leadership of Ben and Anni as they do an amazing job, encouraging and equipping me in this process.
When they first said to me, “we would love to employ you… you’ll just have to raise your own support,” I naturally had a few hesitations. If you’ve got questions like “why don’t you just work part time to support yourself?” or “why don’t you just raise a wage through grants?” Or perhaps your thinking, “doesn’t raising support sound un-reliable, unwarranted and not to mention, uncomfortable!!?”. I’ve thought these thoughts, I’ve wrestled with these questions! If your keen to read my prayer journaling that left me in a place of peace and conviction then click here

For those who who are just getting to know me heres a snapshot of my adulthood…

I’ve been apart of the family at Citylight – Glenelg for almost 7 years. Fun fact – That’s a really long time when your apart of a church who’s planted 3+ churches since then. I’m so greatful for the way I have been discipled through Don, the elders, my discipleship leaders and my many brothers and sisters in Christ. I am now trained and supported to lead a Discipleship group alongside my amazing sister, Caitlin. Cait and I also led Citylights QRNTeam, in response to COVID-19. I’m so encouraged by all the new people I’ve met since we’ve been able to gather together in person again- almost weekly I meet someone who hasn’t yet encountered Jesus, grappling with the question of “is their any hope in this world?” 

I find such joy and peace when I dedicate time to be still and know God, in his glorious creation. I’ve marveled at his handiwork hiking all over the world including the Camino De Santiago through France and Spain, the Inca Trail in Peru, and snowy trails through Norway. A little hike on the Heysen trail or day at my friends farm, is my ideal mini getaway, to rest and refuel. 

My journey of knowing God, and making Him known has led me to grow and serve in numerous ministries both locally and abroad. Including YWAM (Australia, Belize and Morocco), Yolngu 4 Jesus (Arnhem Land) and Living Well Marketing. 

and my testimony in a paragraph…
I’m so grateful to have grown up being discipled in my home, school and church. In grade 6 I began having severe panic attacks that frequently made leaving my house incredibly challenging. With support from my family, a christian counsellor and alot of Gods grace I found myself able to attend a youth camp. One night, I remember singing “the enemy has been defeated, and death couldn’t hold you down…” Suddenly, I had complete conviction in who I was as a child of God, through Christ’s finished work on the cross. I no longer had to struggle or suffer alone because I knew he had won the ultimate battle. Since then its been a journey of growing in my knowledge and love for him as he teaches me through the struggles and success. I love the way he reveals aspects of his character for me to delight and grow in, in the times and places he knows are for my good and his glory. – Jess Ferdinands

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