As people pulled out the ingredients, puzzled by what meal could possibly come from so many ‘gross’ vegetables, a lack of meat and the addition of beans and pasta, we were met with some concern and perhaps a few complaints. However, we encouraged the young people to give it a go, and almost all of them were shocked to taste the delicious minestrone soup they had created by the end of the night.

A couple of weeks later, at the shopping centre, one young person was sharing with Ben about all the tragedies in their life, past abuse, rejection from family and bullying at school. Ben asked the young person if there was one meal from Street Eats that had pleasantly surprised them, they replied, “yeh, minestrone soup.” Perhaps what looks like a bunch of bad veggies, needs the right perspective, plenty of salt and the best chef to work things together for our good. Ben reminded them that when we trust in God, we might have aspects of our lives that are really traumatic, we may not have a great view of our past. But, God can bring things together in such a way that at the end result we can look back and say “God, I can see what you were doing there, you had a better perspective than I did at the time.”

God gives us good gifts (Matthew 7:11) but sometimes life gives us a pile of bad vegetables. We are so grateful for the the salty friends (Matthew 5:13) who remind us in the heated times, that Gods with us, loving us and working things together for our good (Romans 8:28).

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  1. Carol W October 21, 2020

    Wow, you young ones there! You’ve all come a loong way from when STREETLIGHT began! Hang in there and stick to your “guns” for all the wonderful things you’ve been armoured with, esp when the Almighty One is watching over you! Life is good! You all make me look back at the times when I came with choccies, Cadbury’s drinking choc, boxes o soft drinks and even fruit juice, etc. All that henna painting by Sam, the dart games; oh so much! AMAZING!!! Those were the “teething” times of Streetlight! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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