Early one morning, we spoke with a distraught mother wondering whether we knew the whereabouts of her pre-teen daughter who had been missing overnight. As we drove around delivering Christmas boxes, we checked in with the mother and police and decided to drive to her street to look and pray for her. Within a minute, there she was, walking towards us. God put us in the right place at the right time. We were able to deliver a Christmas box as she connected back at home. It helped us to meet her family and learn of better ways to support them. 
As we made our deliveries, the gratitude and smiles of all the young people (and their families) receiving their edible Christmas treats, grew even greater when we shared that over 100 volunteers had gathered at a local church that morning to assemble the boxes with love for them.

That same morning Clare woke up with an unknown rash all over her body. Her battle with leukemia meant a quick phone call to the hospital was necessary to see if she needed to be admitted immediately. She was so relieved to hear that a nurse would instead treat her at home allowing our eagerly awaited visit to occur (and unknown to us at the time – our last visit with Clare). Our final memories with Clare were that of joy as she was filled with gratitude, excitement and love whilst unpacking not only the contents of the treats inside the box but also her recent news with us- as we laughed, creating memories that will stick with us forever.