October 2020

Streetlight is skating into new territory The skate park has been home to violence, drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism and general debilitating attitudes and behaviours for too long. Sadly COVID-19 has escalated this further and police involvement is far too regular.Before Streetlight began, Ben & a group of volunteers were informed that running a program […]

To camera

June 2020

Street Eats bringing transformation to the Elizabeth Shopping CentreBusinesses saw young people as threats, now they’re seeing their potential! Transformation. The word gets thrown around a bit. What is it? Is it possible? Have you seen others around you experience it? Let me inspire and encourage you, as we’ve recently seen a heap of it. When we […]


March 2020

COVID-19 Streetlight Changes Tonight (Sunday) we heard Prime Minister, Scott Morrison state that; “for many Australians, home is not a safe place and work needs to be done to protect those individuals,” indicating the effect isolation will have on mental health and family violence. Things have hit us, like many; overnight. I’m sure you can only imagine what the […]


Feb 2020

During our time at the Elizabeth Shopping Centre, we’ve journeyed alongside youth whom have lost friends and relatives. ‘There’s gotta be more to life’ is a phrase we hear often at Streetlight.


Oct 2019

WE GOT $80 TO TAKE THE GIRLS OUT One of our supporters gave us a gift of $320 after hearing about the youth girls camp to take the 4 girls out to ‘buy them something to make them feel special.’ Anni arranged for 4 different Streetlight leaders to take all 4 girls out one-on-one for a coffee […]


July 2019

Story #1 THE COUCH SURFING 14 Y/OSometimes the stories of the lives of youth we connect with seem anything but positive, but God calls us to engage and to see as He sees, not as the world does. It is through this lens that we don’t see the outward, broken, defeated… but we see the […]