15 young people signed up for Street Eats- but the impact went far beyond them. As we delivered ingredients to the young people’s homes, we noticed that each week there was a growing number of friendly faces waiting to chat with us at their doorsteps. In week 5, we created a competition, that had whole families guessing, “what’s for dinner?” We timed how long it took them to guess whilst they unpacked the ingredients. Along with the ingredients, we dropped off a card to one young person who was grappling with the loss of her mother, who had sadly passed away 2 months before she had even been informed. Her father proudly shared with us how he had searched high and low, to eventually purchase a wok for his daughter. He had seen the joy she got from cooking online with us and despite their extreme financial struggles he chose to invest in an item that would bring a smile and the capacity to increase her health and skills, reminding us of the Fathers love in Matthew 7:7-12.


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